CQ WW SSB Contest

I decided I’d casually work the CQ WW sideband contest this weekend figuring that I’d get in a few fewer hours than I did.  With some cold bugs running around, and not feeling spectacular myself, much of the weekend was taking it easier than usual for the family, and I wound up being able to play radio when other things weren’t going on.  Lucky for me!

Band conditions seemed pretty reasonable this weekend and 10m is where I wound up with most of my Q’s.  Working 40 was the biggest challenge for me – there just seemed to be too many stations close to my relatively high noise level too jammed together.

However, working casually I got just over 200 contacts, with what seems to me to be a fairly interesting list of countries.

More than anything, it’s fun and challenging, and makes me dream putting up a tower and beam.

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