Monthly Archives: December 2013

Where to operate mixed-mode?

I had some thoughts lately about wanting to get more local hams involved in digital modes, and I thought the best way of doing so might be to have a local “digital mode tinkerers” type of net.  On HF. However, what I’d really like to be able to do for such a net is to work mixed-mode, including phone.

Unfortunately this seems like a use case scenario that hasn’t been utilized much or thought about in much detail with the band planners.  OR (as I’m certainly not trying to knock the people involved in putting together the band plans), perhaps it is presumed to be done in certain regions but not really spelled out as part of the band plan.

For example, I believe SSTV is known to be generally operated as a mixed-mode.  Unfortunately the band plan says, for example in 10M, 28.670-28.690 CW, Phone, SSTV, FAX.  When it’s spelled out like that, it seems to suggest that one should not use any other narrow or wide band digital mode, the only modes that should be used are specifically listed – even if the intention is to subtly say ‘expect a mix of modes in this range of frequencies’.

So perhaps a more experienced ham could make a suggestion here based on the following… If I wanted to hold a local mixed-mode net for the use of promoting digital modes and educating others, and this would be an evening net when 10M is closed, would 28.670-28.690 be a good area to hold the net, or would it be a bad idea as it could be viewed as not in the spirit of the band plan?

As mentioned before, I have the utmost respect for the people planning out the bands.  I also do believe in good operating practices and upholding the gentlemen’s agreement.  What should one do then when the band plan doesn’t appear to make allowances for this kind of operation, even though I believe it would neatly fit in to reasonable operating practice and certainly not create interference with anyone?