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So I think I’ve mustered up enough information to plan out a local net for Kamloops area HAMs for some digital mode ‘tinkering’ (hence my previous post and was glad to have a few comments on social networks).

The plan for the net now is as follows, barring any adjustments that might need to come up from anyone involved:

The net will be on Tuesday nights at 8:30pm local time, or after the local KARC 2M net, whichever is later, on 28.675Mhz (+- 5KC’s, where/when necessary).

The net will start on phone to do a quick preamble and roll call for phone check-in’s and to determine who is interested/ready to transmit during the net.

For the net, I recommend using FLDigi (available at, as well as FLMsg and FLAmp for future nets.  I would say that it’s likely in future nets to require some other software in order to work other digital modes that FlDigi doesn’t support, but there’s a lot of fun to be had with FLDigi itself.

When setting up FLDigi for the net, we will begin with the MFSK-32 mode, centered at 1500Hz.  Other FLDigi settings that are recommended & helpful:

  • In Settings -> ID Tab -> RsID sub-tab, check “Disable freq change”
  • Turn RxID on (Top Right corner of main window)
  • Turn TxID on

Please set your output power to 10W or less.  I believe this should be sufficient for most of us, and many digital modes really need to not be over-driven.

Aside from your rig hook-ups to a computer to run the digital modes, this should be about all that’s required to get going.

I plan on using one other piece of software for the Net called “NetLogger”, available at, to manage check-ins.  If you’d like to know who’s checked-in to the net at any time, you can run the software as well (sorry that this software is only for Windows) – click the “Nets Online” button and you will hopefully see the “Kamloops Digital Mode Tinkerers” listing, which you can then click and Monitor.

Please comment or email me if you have interest in this!