It’s 2018, time for a minor update

Since my last post here, it’s been quite a time personally, and I feel like I’m beginning to come out of a bit of a fog.

I realised in the past few weeks that it had been close to 18 months since I’d made a radio contact on HF, outside of the occasional 2M net I’d been able to attend (and I’ve done a good job of not being available at our local 2M net time for numerous weeks at this point).  In fact, as of Christmas time, my rig hadn’t been hooked back up since 2017’s Field Day, so with a bunch of time off over the holidays, it was time to clean up my desk and get the rig going again.

Along with getting the rig going again came the discovery of FT8 (as I was updating software and have been an avid WSJT-X user for several years for JT65 and a bit of JT9).  This has likely been the most active month for me since getting on HF as far as the number of QSOs goes – though I’d have to run some stats to see for sure, as there could have been a contest or two in some month that may have had a higher overall count.  However, I’m running about 250 Q’s this month operating FT8 fairly casually, and it’ll be interesting to see how quickly an FT8-only Worked All States qualification will come along.  It’s really quite an amazing mode if you’re looking to cover lots of ground – states, grid squares, and possibly DXCC.

I’m hoping to have a much more active year on the air than I’ve had in the past few.

Here’s hoping to hear you!



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