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Let’s start off with a new rig

Hi there,

Where to start when writing a new blog?  Well, I’m a couple of years in to having my ham privileges, and since I find it to be a fascinating hobby, I figured I’d do a little blogging from time to time.

Recently I’d been saving up for a new HF rig.  I had been using the Kenwood TS-450S, which is a pretty good little rig, but I’d begun reading about more modern rigs and wound up heading down the path of an Elecraft K3, which can be ordered as a non-solder kit.

The pictures below are from the assembly process – I forgot/stopped taking pictures through a large part of the building, including the front panel, but I’ll say that it was definitely an entertaining project and it was great that my 7 year old son Quentin was interested and helped out in a few stages as well.

Since the build was completed, I’ve very casually operated in a couple of contests, and the rig performs extremely well.  I’m finding it a pleasure to work with and have been making great use of the DSP for filtering, noise blocking and noise reduction – it’s been educational learning how best to make use of them.

In upcoming posts I expect to talk a little more about what goes on in my usual (or unusual) operating, and anything interesting relating to the hobby I trip across.